Top Tools for Designing Effective Custom Websites

Logo, Logo Design Agency, Web Design Agency, CMS, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, E-commerce website

Top Tools for Designing Effective Custom Websites An effective custom website simplifies the process of acquiring new customers. The reason being websites can reach many potential consumers around the globe at once. Since web designing is a professional field, you need to reach out to a reputable webdesign agency to get the best results. The […]

7 Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Agency

7 Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Agency , Web Design Agency, web design firm, web design company NYC, branding agency new york, crowdfunding agency, digital marketing agency, web designer NYC, online marketing agency, types of logo, branding agency

7 Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Agency For your business to be successful and well known, it needs a reliable website design. You can’t design an effective website without the help of a qualified web design agency. A web design agency is made up of a team of professional website design experts. Seeking services […]

The Manifest Crowns Qubed as Romania’s Best Recommended Branding Agency

the manifest, best branding agency

Beautiful and immersive digital experiences — at qubed, that’s what we’re known for. Since our inception, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping our clients own their branding, UX design, and advertising efforts. The success of our clients excites us, but we don’t hesitate to cheer for our own milestones. With that being said, we are absolutely thrilled […]


Crowdfunding refers to funding a project or a business venture by a large number of people each contributing small amounts of money normally done online, It’s a form of crowd sourcing and another finance option. In 2015, over $34 billion was raised by crowdfunding worldwide. People who participate in crowdfunding contribute money to projects and […]


Construction companies face a lot of challenges because of the stiff competition in the industry, and therefore they have to work extra hard to outshine their competitors. Building your brand means you’re promising something new for your customers. To outstand the crowd, you have to do more than just constructing good buildings, and that is […]

50 Best Brand Identity Guides for Inspiration

50 best brand identity guides for inspiration

The number one priority that a branding agency should focus on when it comes to building a brand is consistency. Just like you are in a grocery store, you don’t want to struggle to find your favorite coffee brand; you should be able to spot it from a mile away. What makes best brands unforgettable […]

7 Worst Rebrands: Logos Gone Wrong

Check out the 7 worst rebrands of all time. Looking to improve your business logo and identity design? Don’t make those mistakes! 7 Rebranding Disasters Pepsi CapitalOne Gap Xerox PizzaHut Yahoo JCPenny History has seen many famous companies rebrand themselves and fail. Some fail miserably. This usually happens because the rebranding process was not done […]

5 Different Types of Logo Designs

types of logo, logo designs, abstract mark, wordmark, pictorial mark, emblem, letterform, custom logo designs, logo design types,

There are many different types of logos – a logo might be just a name set in a chosen typeface or a mark or both. What are the different types of logos? A logo can take form of almost infinite variety of shapes and personalities – from literal through symbolic, from word-driven to image-driven. They’re […]

Common Blunders to Avoid in Your Logo Design

Whether designing your logo for inline or offline customers, remember that this little portrait is a significant player in the enhancement of your corporate image. By creating a good logo, you create a distinctive identity for your business in the eyes of all its stakeholders. Ideally, a great logo design should be unique and original […]

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