Common Blunders to Avoid in Your Logo Design

Whether designing your logo for inline or offline customers, remember that this little portrait is a significant player in the enhancement of your corporate image. By creating a good logo, you create a distinctive identity for your business in the eyes of all its stakeholders. Ideally, a great logo design should be unique and original in its entirety. However, most companies don’t meet the ideal expectations of creating logos that communicate their real image. In this post, we shall share out some of the mistakes you need to avoid when designing your logos. These blunders apply to both business owners and logo designers. Remain with me as I take you through these goofs, how to avoid them, and the impact they have on your corporate identity and image.

Placing Yourself at the Center and Forgetting the Viewer

The first mistakes many companies make when designing their logos is creating them for themselves. They put themselves at the center and forget that this is a tool for communicating their identity to their various public’s. To avoid this mistake, design your logo with them in mind, where you should put yourself in a writer’s shoes where the audience takes center stage. If you want to do something to please yourself, then you can design it and file it for your personal pleasure. But if you want to reach out to the world, then remove yourself from the center.

Over Relying on Trends

Even though you should let your log remain relevant to the present times, it is prudent to keep off the trap of over relying on trends. The reason is that your corporate image should be embedded in your mission and corporate outlook. Therefore, it is discreet to approach it with a permanent perspective in mind remembering that it is not a perishable good with a sale-date deadline.

Using Raster Images

For designers, you should pay attention to the tools you use in your design process. When designing the logo, avoid using raster images since they can cause you challenges with reproduction. With these kinds of challenges in play, you will have unstable images to use when zooming as well as losing the visual consistency of the images. To avoid this challenge, it is necessary to use vector graphics since they will give you images that look the same in all sizes. Moreover, vector graphics will make it easier to edit the logo later on. Also, it will be easier to scale the image to any size without compromising the quality of the images you use. Lastly, this option will allow you to adapt the images to other media more easily than if you used raster images.

Using Amateurs to Design

Another mistake many business owners make is entrusting their logo design to amateurs. It is always safe to contract a professional if you want an excellent logo for your organization. But why do business owners opt for this kind of service? Here are the reasons for this behavior:

  • The desire to save money
  • Accepting free or cheap offers from friends and family members who claim to be design experts
  • Failing to appreciate the benefits of using professional services

To avoid the upshots that arise from sidelining professional logo designers, it is necessary to understand the benefits of using professionals in your logo design. Here are some of them:

  • You will enjoy unique designed customized for your current and future needs
  • You will not have difficulties reproducing the logo in the future
  • Your logo will look professional
  • Your logo will have a long-term impact since it was designed with a long-term perspective in mind

Over Relying on Color to Make an Impact

Even though color plays a significant role in the way your logo will appear, it is prudent to know where to put it in the design process and equation. The reason is that some designers overemphasize its role and end up overusing it. Before looking into color issues, it is important to focus on the design and then include color at the tail end of the process.

Using Poor Fonts

In logo design, fonts are critical in ensuring you have a logo that will represent you well. One of the mistakes some designers and business owners make is using the wrong font during their design process. You should use fonts that reflect the kind of business you are in as well as the audience you want to reach. If you are a serious designer, it is necessary to look for fonts in professional font foundries where you can choose from options dedicated to graphic design instead of those found in design programs alone.

Copying Others

Another serious blunder many business owners and designers make when designing logos is copying and recycling others have already done. Even though it is okay to learn from others, the whole thing should just end there—learn and get inspiration. But it is wrong and a sign of locking in creativity for you to recycle another person’s logo when you are supposed to do something that will represent your business. Doing this shows that the designer is bankrupt of creative ideas and the business owner does not have a distinct identity in the industry they operate in.

Using Too Many Fonts

Fonts are instrumental in bringing out the beauty of your logo. However, you should keep off the temptation of using too many fonts on your logo. If your use more than two fonts, be sure that your viewers will have difficulties reading what you are trying to relay. Additionally, fewer fonts will boost your corporate brand in the eyes of your public’s.

Making it too Complex

This last point needs balance because logo design takes creativity. However, in the process of trying to please your viewers and clients if you are a designer, don’t make the logo too complex. If you complicate your logo, it will be challenging to view it in smaller sizes and hard to print on paper. Also, making it too complex makes it difficult for the viewer to process and remember the images and details they are seeing. Therefore, keep things simple.

Parting Shot

Even though logos are important tools for corporate communication and identity, it is necessary to design them carefully and avoid the common mistakes many business owners and designers make. To keep off these blunders, and their consequences on your corporate brand, pay attention to what we have discussed in this post. By so doing, you will make the most out of your logo design efforts.

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