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To assist our design team in creating your logo and/or corporate identity, we need to find out about your business.This planning form will help us understand your needs, customers, competitors and market.

NameName you want to use on logo
Tagline or sloganDo you have a tagline or slogan? Would you like to see it incorporated with the logo?
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This section provides a background of your business and corporate identity needs. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to create a visual identity that will work for you and your customers.

Your Business:
General description of your business.(what you do)
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How long have you been in business?
Your image. Use adjectives to describe your desired business image.Eg. Highly corporate, professional, friendly, high tech, serious, established, fun, family, business, elite, expensive, inexpensive, exclusive, trendy, big, small etc.
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Your target customers.Who do you want to reach? Please segment these groups if there is more than one. Eg. Blue Chip Companies, Small Business Managers. Tell us about their age, sex, income, occupation, education, lifestyle and purchasing habits.
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Design Ideas:
Is there a particular style of logo you would like?(Please indicate at least one.)
Logo colors.Do you have any colors in mind for your logo? (If so, why?) If there’s any colors you don’t like, please also tell us.
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Please tick the font types that are most appealing to you. Please note, you aren’t actually choosing what will be used in your logo, this is just to give us an idea of what you like so we can create something even better!

Your design ideas.What do you like? List/send us any logos and/or design styles you like and describe why.
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Attach fileAllowed file extensions: jpg, png, gif- Max file size: 3Mb
Tell us about the personality of your business.
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CompetitorsYour competitors. Web addresses (if known).
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What makes your company different and better than your competitors? What are your points of difference?
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Additional comments/suggestions:
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Your budget:

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