Our mission is to help brands gain clarity, to position themselves and present their unique identity in the market.



Help brands tap into a unique identity

All touchpoints including business cards, website, showroom, working environment, publications, internal and external communication, and the culture cultivated within the company must speak one language and stay consistent. This allows the brand to portray the desired image to significant target groups.

Corporate identity controls and ensures this

The strategic basis and content for the corporate identity and thus the BRAND DESIGN is the development of the brand profile. This step also ensures that the values, character, and goals of the brand are classified and clarified. It is done to reflect the expectations and wishes of the target audiences concerning the participants of the competing market.

We identify the brands strengths and values

We believe that every brand or company has its unique inherent quality.  

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We Make It Real

The immediate, visible expression of the brand personality is the brand design. What the brand stands for, services, attitude, and its embodied competencies are conveyed visually. At the first glance, the power to convey a feeling is achieved by a successful design: whether complex processes or sustainable products, whether it is innovative or classic, whether it stands for digital expertise or craftsmanship. 

Both the internal and external attitude, competence, and performance promise of a company are created by the identification of potentials and projection surfaces. The brand design makes a company or a business distinct and unique from its competitors. This includes both employer and sales market competitors.

The perception of a specific target group or groups towards a company is significantly affected by its external appearance. It also has an impact on potential employees, partners, customers, and suppliers. This means that the brand design makes a lasting impression as an important visual control instrument that contributes to making the tea brand successful.

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We shape brand personalities

With our custom-tailored brand design, we will make your brand performance and values discernible using the brand profile. We can achieve this by either as a visible image we invent from scratch or using your existing design that we optimize, update, and develop further.

Brand design system elements

Brand design is more than just a logo. It helps to generate a logo, an image among target demos, or text/image. To serve its purpose clearly, it has to be embedded in a proper design context. As a starting point, we use the brand profile to achieve this. It also helps to draft a concept and a logo for the brand design which integrates beautifully with the brand’s profile. The brand design is made from these elements:

Identity design 1
Identity design 3
Identity design 2

Three design routes

We usually use three distinctive design routes when creating a custom-tailored visual appearance. Although this help to identify brand personality in different ways, at the end of the day it always reflects the brand personality. An example is when we employ different typographies, color combinations, and text/image branding. Gradually working with you to finalize the brand design also helps us to form the basis of our discussion.

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Brand Design Manual: Setting the rules for use

The Style Guide or a Brand Design Manual is used to document the rules for deploying all its elements if the brand design is worth it. The process is made effective by clear and binding guidelines, which also help to prevent visual arbitrariness. As our clients continue using their brand design, a Brand Manual helps to create transparency.

Viastein, Branding, Brand identity, Corporate design, Brand book
Viastein, Branding, Brand identity, Corporate design, Brand book
Viastein, Branding, Brand identity, Corporate design, Brand book
Viastein, Branding, Brand identity, Corporate design, Brand book


Striking brand communications with our foundation

We partner with our clients to dig up treasures and put them up to the world. In every step of the brand design journey, we walk with our clients; from creating the brand profile to designing and launching your website. The outcome of the (brand profile, brand design, execution, and a Brand Design Manual) is a foundation for consistent communication, ongoing development, and management of your brand.

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