One of the best ways to ensure that your business is thriving is to build an effective website design.

5 Key Features of an Effective Website Design 

When you want to align your marketing objectives and business goals with your branding, you need to understand the key features of your website design. This is an important aspect when seeking a web designer.

The success of your online business is highly influenced by various factors that you need to know about. You can grow your business by up to 200 percent when you consider key web designing features.

In this post, we shall look at some of the most important features of an effective web design. This will not only push up your conversion rate but also improve user experience and sales. Continue reading this post to gain further knowledge on how to make your business grow using effective web design features.

Key Features of an Effective Website Design

1. Calls-to-action

User-friendliness in a website is further enhanced by including a call-to-action button. A CTA button makes your website user-friendly and accessible. When a visitor chooses to seek information on your business website, you may require them to take a certain action. A call-to-action button makes it easier for your visitors to subscribe, be busy, or share your web content on social media networks. With an effective CTA button, visitors will clearly understand what is needed for them. This not only helps to raise your profile margin and improve leads but also achieve your business objectives.

2. Mobile responsiveness

Another important feature of a good website design is mobile-friendliness. This can only be achieved by including a feature that allows visitors to view your website on any screen size. This is called mobile responsiveness. Many businesses are nowadays conducted on mobile phones with the help of mobile device applications or software. A few years ago, many people used to perform their business transactions through personal computers and laptops. Information is now easily accessible through mobile devices. If you are planning to develop a website, ensure you select a web design agency that will incorporate mobile responsiveness into your website. Chances of your visitors converting into loyal consumers are increased when they stay longer on your website. Tablets should also be taken into consideration when making your web design responsive because they are also mobile devices.

3. High performance

Another great aspect of an effective website design is high performance. A website that performs well loads faster on the screen. The first impression visitors get from your website is its speed. If a website is slow, visitors are more likely to shift to other websites that are much faster. A high-performing website takes less than 3 seconds to load on the screen. If it takes more than 5 seconds to load a page, then you need to seek services from a web designer, who will ensure that your website loads much faster. Search engine optimization is also influenced by your website’s performance. What influences speed is the web hosting provider, therefore, make sure that you seek web hosting services from reputable hosting providers.

4. Intuitive interface

Making your website design intuitive allows your visitors to easily find the information they are looking for on your site. This is one of the aspects of your website that you must consider when creating a business website. Customers don’t want to spend a lot of time navigating through a website. The success of your business highly depends on your website’s intuitiveness. Making your business website intuitive means that your consumers can engage with you easily. This in turn increases your website’s ranking in search engines. If your website hardly has visitors, you should cosnider hiring a SEO agency.

5. Optimized for search engines

Your website design should also be SEO-friendly. This means that search engines can easily crawl and index your website. A web design agency New York offers search engine optimization compared to a freelance website design that is only focused on creating websites. Web content that is highly optimized for search engine ranking position (SERP) is visible to both web users and search engines.


An effective website will always have these key features, which are essentially important to make it run smoothly. These key features also help to improve your website’s usability and user experience. Besides including key features in your website design, you also need to generate interesting and formatted content that is easy to read. A reputable web design agency will always give you a great website with all the necessary features to make it run smoothly. This is achievable by seeking a reputable branding agency New York.

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