Website Design vs Website Development: What is the Distinction?

MD: When you want to create an effective website, you need to understand the difference between web designing and development. To understand the difference, keep reading this post. 

There is no disputing that the internet has made life easier in the ever-changing world of technology. It is therefore important to understand and flow with the trends. What continues to make internet access are Wi-Fi capabilities and modern technologies. All these have made life very simple all over the world. Thanks to internet accessibility, the world has become a global village.

Through websites, businesses and brands all over the world have improved and grown tremendously. The reason is that websites can reach many potential consumers at once with no boundaries. As a business owner looking to create or improve your website, you need to understand the difference between website design and website development. Both these processes are essential when you want to improve your business.

In this post, we are going to outline the differences between web design and web development. This will make things easier for you when selecting a digital marketing agency to help create an effective website to run your business online. Keep reading to gain greater knowledge about website design and web development processes.

What is web design?

The web design process refers to creating the front-end part of a website. The front-end part of a website is the part that visitors see when accessing your website on the internet. It is the more understandable and visually appealing part of a website. The work of a web design agency is to ensure that a website is clean-cut and clear enough for visitors to make sense of the relayed information. Web designers also make it easier for consumers or web visitors to engage and interact with your website on a deeper level. This is essential for any business that is aiming to thrive. A logo design agency is often referred to as a user experience or UX web designing agency.

What is web development?

Web development on the other hand involves the programming part of a website, which often happens in the back end of the website. This makes a website function as it is supposed to. The work of a web developer is to ensure that the buttons designed by web designers work effectively when they are clicked on the website. A web developer has the skills to handle both the front-end (the visual aspect of the website) and the back-end (the functionality) parts of a website. When looking for a web design agency, you need to make sure that it can perform both of these functions effectively.

A front-end developer can determine a homepage’s layout using CSS (cascading style sheets). A back-end developer of a website, on the other hand, can connect an e-commerce site’s shopping cart by writing code. This is to ensure that the online payment system works effectively.

What are the similarities between web designers and web developers?

In some cases, a web designer may perform both the web design and the development processes. Programming knowledge is essential for both web developers and web designers. However, this knowledge is at different levels for both experts. 
Since they also need to test the design and function options, web designers and web developers must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Such skills help to determine what is the best fit for any online venture or brand. Both web designers and developers must stay up to date with the latest innovation, trends, and programs in their fields. A well-executed web design and development processes ensure tech-driven concepts and cohesiveness in projects. This allows a business or a brand to connect with more consumers, more easily.

Web developers and web designers may share the same skills but each must master specific competencies that are essential in their respective fields. To make websites logical and visually appealing to website visitors, web designers must possess aesthetic skills. A web designer must have the knowledge to work with applications such as JavaScript, Adobe Dreamweaver, and applications for multi-feature front-end scripting frameworks.


Websites are important because they help visitors discover brands and businesses easily online. The first step to getting a website that will help you meet your brand and business goals is to look for an online marketing agency that delivers the best web design and development services. From this article, you see that both web designers and web developers are essentially important for creating effective websites.

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