Web Design and Credibility: How Can You Build Trust in Your Website?

In an online world where credibility is an invaluable factor, web owners should do their best to incorporate these it into their site designs. Without it, it is difficult to operate in an online environment all types of crooks and quacks have infiltrated. Therefore, it is necessary for website owners to integrate trust into their website from the very beginning—design. The reason is that your users interact with your site’s design before its contents. Remember, we are all creatures of first impressions, and hence, they shape our long-term perception. But how can you incorporate trust into your site’s design? I invite you to remain with our discussion to learn more about how best to do it.

Include Your Contact Details

First, you should include all the necessary contact details about your business. Never assume that just because you are operating online, your customers or visitors don’t need your contact information. It is imperative to give your users an opportunity to interact with you or representatives either on the phone or in person. When, for instance, you include telephone numbers, it builds trust in your users since they know they can get assistance should they get stuck. If you have a physical location, it is also necessary to inform your customers. Moreover, provide clear directions to your physical location.

Showcase Reviews and Testimonials

Do you have user testimonials and reviews that show their confidence in and satisfaction with your products or services? If you do, then include them in your website’s design. Reviews and testimonials are the greatest seals of approval since if you cannot satisfy your customers, you are not in business. Remember, your business exists to satisfy customers. Therefore, their satisfaction is the ultimate display of your success in business. However, only include genuine reviews and testimonials since faking will surely backfire in your face—soon or later. Lastly, make sure you place them on your website’s main page.

Maintain Professionalism

Maintaining professionalism will give you a competitive edge. You need to design your website professionally to reflect your professional outlook. By being professional, you assure your customers that you give them value for their money. You need to design it with images and blend it with content that fits your status. Don’t fill it with images, templates, and contents everyone else can download from the Net. This way, you will prove to your visitors you are different and you offer them unique experiences.

Showcase Your Key Customers and Partners

Do you have some “big fish” within your pool of partners and customers? Then you should not delay parading them on your website’s main page. If you can serve credible clients people respect, it shows your visitors that they are also in safe hands. For instance, if you serve and satisfy Nokia, Samsung, the BBC, VOA, and Microsoft, your business association with such high-profile customers will enhance your credibility. By serving them, they provide your business a default and silent vote of confidence. Remember, humans are creatures of associations, and hence, they will judge you based on your associates.

Customization is Key

Lastly, customize your website’s design if you want to build trust in your users. Why is this important? For this simple reason: if you build your site with everything generic everyone has, you show your customers that you are also generic. Consequently, your users will perceive you to be a cheap dealer when they land on your home page. Remember, people make decisions based on either perceptions or facts. Therefore, close every door that can make people perceive you in a negative light and lose trust in your brand. Moreover, think about every element of your design to present your best foot forward to your audience. Otherwise, if you present yourself as another generic business, your customers will think you will treat them the same way.

Closing Remarks

Credibility is an important aspect of website design. Therefore, you should include it in your website’s design before launching it. In this post, I showed you how to incorporate it in your website’s design. I hope the five keys I discussed in this post will enable you to include it in your next site’s design.

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