UI design trends in 2020

The quick growth of technology influences design trends year by year. As designers, company leaders or social media users we need be aware of the existing and upcoming design trends, constantly learning, developing and expanding our design toolkit in order to be up to date on the current market. Let’s have a look some of UI/UX design trends that you should pay attention in 2020.


3D Graphics in web and mobile interfaces

design: Tanah Ari

This section exist almost everywhere, in video games, movies, magazines or adverts on the wall in your town. Web and mainly mobile technology is growing very fast. New web browsers and the mobile operating systems capabilities have opened door for 3D graphic allowing us to create and implement awesome 3D graphics into modern web and mobile interfaces.

Animated Illustrations

design: Iurii Ieltsov

Illustrations have been in digital product design for a long time. The evolution of illustrations in the last years is very impressive. Illustrations are very strong attention grabbers, we can apply motion to these illustrations we might bring our products to the life – adding extra personality.


design: Rohit

Microinteractions exist pretty much in every single app and website so every time if you open your favourite app you see them.  Usually  these are small items although, if you remove them from your app or web you will be notice very quickly that something very important is missing. Microinteractions are the perfect proof that details and attention to them might greatly improve the overall user experience of your digital products and place them on the higher level.


Virtual reality

VR is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely from the real world. 2019 has been a big year for VR. Mostly in the gaming industry in the last years we have seen a lot of progress in VR headsets. Sony and Microsoft will release their new generation consoles in middle of 2020. These would bring a lot of opportunities and room to growth for VR technology.


design: Kiran

Augmented Reality

image: starmark.com/

image: adweek.com

Augmented reality is rather different from virtual reality. AR , adds to the reality you would ordinary see rather than replacing it. In the last years we have seen a lot of progress, excitement of AR. The world’s leading tech companies (Google, Apple..) are investing millions into AR, so we should expect that this development expand and grown this technology in 2020.


design: Voicu Apostol

design: Shakibul Islam

What is Neumorphism? Neumorphism is a visual style that blends techniques from skeuomorphism, realism, and flat design. Generally speaking Skeuomorphic design refers to the design elements that are created in a realistic style  to match the real life objects. As you probably noticed: Neumorphism represents very detailed, minimal and precise design style. Highlight, glows, shadows- attention to details is very impressive and definitely on spot. In our point of view  Neumorphism will be the biggest UI design trend in 2020.

Asymmetrical Layouts

image: dribbble.com In 2019 we have experienced huge grown of asymmetrical layouts in digital product design. Slowly traditional template based layout are definitely going to disappear. Asymmetrical layouts gives us a lot of space and add a lot of character and personality to our designs.  There is a lot of room for creativity as the number of options and opportunities when creating these layouts are endless. Although, creating successful asymmetrical layouts requires some practice and a lot of time.   Sources: http://dribbble.com

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