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10 Elegant Fonts to create a Luxury brand

We’ve curated some of the best fonts for Luxury projects that demand a high level of class. Whether you need fonts for a luxury hotel, product packaging or a high-end service you’ll find some truly outstanding choices here. The choice of a luxury font is crucial to the success of a design project. The font should support the overall design theme. 

We have curated some of the best fonts for projects that demand a high level of luxury.

Indulge yourself in a luxurious typography pairing with La Luxes; a classic font duo consisting of an elegant Script & ligature-rich Serif. These fonts are designed to pair harmoniously, and lend themselves to high end branding, logo designs, product packaging & invitation designs.

If you’ve got style and love all the luxuries in life, you’re Bon Vivant! Add a touch of luxury and style to your projects too, with the new Bon Vivant Font Collection. It’s highly recommended to turn your Opentype features on while using the script font, to make use of it’s best features – the multitude of OpenType ligatures. As you type, your text looks like natural handwriting, and less like a monotonous font. The handsome serif comes in 2 weights, regular and bold.

With impeccably refined curves and silky smooth edges, the Stay Classy Font Duo is perfect for adding a classy, modern touch to your projects. Perfect for branding, weddings, social media, product design, stationery and advertising – Stay Classy is versatile enough to add that elegant element to just about any project where a special touch of class is required.

Linotype Didot was drawn by Adrian Frutiger in 1991, and is based on the fonts cut by Firmin Didot between 1799 and 1811. Frutiger also studied the Didot types in a book printed by the Didots in 1818, “La Henriade” by Voltaire. This beautifully drawn family has 12 weights including Old style Figures, a headline version, and superb graphic ornaments. Linotype Didot is the right choice for elegant book and magazine designs, as well as advertising with a classic touch. The font is considered a neoclassical font with a similar style because of its increased stress high contrast typeface to a contemporary family of fonts of the time, by the Italian Giambattista Bodoni, creator of the well-known Bodoni® font family.

Hello Paris is Modern Serif Family with Luxury and Elegant Style consisting of a sophisticated signature-style script and an elegant, luxury all-caps serif font.
This family is designed to pair harmoniously, and lend themselves to high end branding, logo designs, product packaging & invitation designs. Creates a perfect pairing contrast with combining Hello Paris Serif and Script font.
A modern and elegant hand-drawn script font containing upper & lowercase characters, all punctuation and numerals. Also contains over 50+ ligatures and 50+ alternates characters to help the text flow naturally and add a custom-made feel.

The Questa Project is a type foundry that was formed in 2010 by Dutch type designers Martin Majoor and Jos Buivenga. Their collaboration on a family of typefaces – which they called Questa – was the immediate reason to form the foundry. The superfamily contains a serif, a sans and a slab, as well as a display version.

Clean, crisp, rational, familiar, modern… serifed. Positype Scotch reaches back to history just enough to produce something warm and easy on the eyes. No corners were cut, no quick tricks… this type suite was drawn for specificity: Text, Display, and Deck… ALL in 3 widths that now include Condensed and Compressed. Each unique, each inter-connected, each part of the whole.

Famosa was designed by Anita Jürgeleit. Its lively and handmade character makes for a charming image for an unmistakably elegant typography. Seven styles, old-style figures, and special ligatures serve as titles and headlines about the finer things in life.

The New Elegance is a new editorial serif with all clean and soft lines, tight curves, and a trendy elegant look!

The New Elegance has two versions of the font, namely serif & Sans Serif which are equipped with an italic version style, very suitable for your design needs such as very suitable for creating nostalgic designs but still clean and elegant such as headlines, magazines, logos, packaging, editorial, and much more.

Luthon Southard is a spectacular duo font (Stylish Serif and Monoline Script). Perfect for product packaging, branding project, magazine, social media, and much more. Add this font to your favorite creative ideas and notice how it makes them come alive!

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