5 Graphic Design Trends to Follow for 2021

Visualising your data or content is an important part of any strategy. Brands turn to graphic designers for presenting their brand in an effective and appealing manner. However, with a lot of changes constantly taking place in the digital world, designing trends have also changed over the years and are constantly evolving with the audience’s preference, psychology, marketing moves, styles and so on. Moment marketing has become a very popular and efficient strategy in digital marketing. Designing plays a key role in making such strategies effective.

  Graphic designers around the world have been experimenting with different styles, themes, fonts, etc over the years. Like every industry, the graphic designing industry is also dominated by continuously changing trends. Hence, outdated ideas and simple representation are not going to work in 2021. Brands need to rethink their design and implement a new approach to present their visual content. Here, we will discuss 5 important trends in graphic designing that should be considered by every graphic designer in order to ace the race.

Muted colour palettes

When you start making a design, colour consideration is one of the first things that dominate your mind. Choosing the right colour palettes is essential in order to make your designs successful. Bold and striking colours do not work great today as they would a few decades back. Colour trend in the designing industry keeps changing every 3 to 4 years if you wish to go by the recent one, choose muted colour palettes. Using well-matched muted colours in your design will make it look more nostalgic, organic, simple yet appealing. Keeping your designs soft and light by using pastels or muted colours will help in attracting your audience. Loud message in a secure, sophisticated and relaxed manner is what marketers wish to achieve by combining strong content with soft designs. 


Like in everything else “less is more” is the idea that works in designing as well. Since last year, minimalistic designs with ample empty space or “white space” in the designs have been promoted. This is because a visual containing too many elements signal chaos which is not desired. So, keep your designs minimalistic. Avoid unnecessary stuffing of elements, colours or illustrations. Use fewer elements but in a thoughtful and innovative manner. Using Android tablets for drawing may help in this case if you’re designing through small devices. Work on highlighting the content and making it easily viewable and readable to your audience. In short, keep it clean, simple yet classy. 

Use of geometric shapes 

An innovative way of using geometric shapes illustration is gaining praises from the leaders in graphic designing recently. Pretty rigid and hard-edged shapes have been replacing the flowing abstract shapes trend which was popular during the past few years. Using geometric shapes effectively can help you to add order, structure and consistency to your designs. Playing with geometric shapes and using them effectively in your designs can add a sophisticated fun component to your visuals while making them more consistent. You can use this trick to create a custom template for a particular series of content. Use a single geometric shape to design all similar images and it will a sense of interlinking and consistency throughout your series of designs. 

3D Typography Designs 

One of the recent trends making its way into the industry and triumphing its popularity is the 3D Typography Designs. These work amazingly in catching the audience’s attention in quirky yet a sophisticated manner. Preferences for 3D typography designs can be seen among young age marketers and brands. 3D designs have been impactful, impressive, and ubiquitous and with new software capabilities and technologies, these are sure to rule the designing trends in coming years. 3D typography is one of the newest innovations that has left the designing world astonished with its capabilities. You can experiment with it in many ways and use different effects to highlight content for various purposes. 

Classic Serif Fonts

Choosing the right font is perhaps the hardest choice when designing, especially for abiding, sophisticated and authoritative industries like finance, legal, etc. Classic Serif Fonts have been in use for a long time now. Dated back to the 15th century, these fonts are evergreen and make an impact while being simple, sophisticated and nostalgic. They work great in evoking a sense of trust among the audience. These are quite elegant fonts that work best with simple designs. Also, if you’re designing for the financial sector, using classic serif fonts is highly recommended due to their elegant, nostalgic, classic and trustworthy factor. 


These were the top 5 graphic designing trends that would dominate the designing industry in 2021. Keeping in mind a few points while making a design can help you create more appealing and effective visuals in one go. As designing trends keep changing with time, it’s important to keep yourself updated with the latest ones. 


Post by Erna Clayton 


Loves to read and write about trending subjects. Erna has written articles for several leading journals over several years. In her free time, she loves reading and travelling offbeat destinations.


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