Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Using a Free Website Builder

With many website creation tools doing rounds on the Internet, the temptation to skip a professional website builder becomes stronger. Some users assume that these builders are the best tools since they are free and easy to use. However, most of these users never sit back to analyze the long-term effects of using them. If you thought sidelining a professional web company is cheaper, wait for a few years until your business starts growing and watch the avoidable challenges you will face. With this in mind, I welcome you to take a journey with me to discover the benefits you miss when you forego a professional web developer.

You Miss Out on SEO Benefits

What is the need for creating a website that nobody will see and access? When you allow a professional to do your website, you enjoy all the benefits that come with SEO customization since they will build it with SEO in mind. A free website builder lacks the provision for customized SEO traction, leaving you with a beautiful online flower whose beauty your target won’t access easily.

No Access to Varied Designs

Another benefit you miss when you use a free website builder is the rich design options a professional builder offers you. With such a tool at your disposal, you only get and enjoy what you see since you did not pay for it. Moreover, you cannot ask for or enjoy other designs that the software lacks. Additionally, the possibilities of customizing the limited design options are nil, meaning, you either take what the program offers you or you leave it.

You Miss Out On Excellent and Human Customer Support

So, what happens when you get stuck with your free web builder? Whom do you consult? With such tools, you have no right to demand anything from the designers of the program since you are not paying for them. Additionally, they are not obligated to serve you since you are not their customer. But with a professional, you are legally and morally entitled to human customer support from fellow humans. Here, you can call, chat live, or even visit their offices to enjoy a rich human conversation about issues.

You Will Remain Stuck With Your Original Host

Any business that takes to the Net does so with the aim of opening themselves for growth. By using free website builders, you miss the biggest opportunity—growth. For instance, once your business starts growing and you now need to get a new hosting company that will meet your hosting needs, you cannot migrate your site to another hosting platform. That means you will choose to remain stuck with that limiting platform or go back to scratch and design another website. But with a professional at work, you can factor in all these issues before designing and hosting the site so that it becomes easy to transition when time is due.

Bottom Line

With all these facts on the table, I rest my case. However, I never said that these web-building tools are evil, but rather, they are confining. If you want to enjoy greater prospects for growth and migrate to better hosting platforms without hassles, then a professional builder is indispensable. Additionally, these tools bind you to a handful designs from which you can choose while a designer offers you unlimited options from which you can choose. Lastly, a website building program denies you the most important aspect of web development—SEO customization. If you want to save yourself all these hassles, then you have one ideal option—use a professional. Order Your custom website design now >

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