How to Make Your Website Interactive for Users

Whether you are associated with a retail company or digital advertising platform, being aware of the skills that drive readers to your site is one major marketing skill vital for a business’ success. Even though all websites are different and unique in their own ways, it becomes really difficult to pinpoint features, which can either make or just break a proper site.

Among all the features that will clue you towards a better website, reader engagement is one major contributing factor. A proper website is defined roughly as one that will keep readers engaged for a long time. It is also quite imperative to remember that the main reason customers fail to engage is associated with irrelevant content.

There are some important strategies available that can improve the engagement rate of your website. Among the lot, one major point is to ensure that the content remains interactive. Interactive web content will maximize reader engagement.

Before you even start designing your website as a professional web designer, it is important that you keep your computer updated so that you can make use of the latest web development software. Therefore, it is best to recycle your old laptop for cash and get a new one that caters to your web design and development needs more efficiently.

Now that you are all geared up, let’s review some significant strategies to follow to improve on website interaction for your business.

1. Handling the internal links well and professionally:

Whenever a user is going through your website content, it is essential that you get them to scroll through some of the added links or pages as well. To facilitate reader interaction, be sure to provide them with relevant links within each one of your posts. It will help them to navigate through some other articles on the blog.

  • Whenever readers see a link to an article that promises to offer extra information on the same topic, the chances are high that they will click on it.
  • The best position to add a link within posts is right at the end or within articles. In case you plan to place links within paragraphs, make sure to link words that will describe the content adequately to the post you are linking up to.
  • You can even try to add some questions to each post. Then, you can provide links to the next lot of articles, which are proven to offer additional user information on the same topic.

2.Adding up the social media buttons:

You have worked hard to create every page of your website, and each page holds its value. So, you must always ensure that those valuable pieces of content are shared with followers and friends. Therefore, tools like and will help you in installing all the social media buttons to the pages, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and some of the other social channels to increase share ability.

There are some ways in which you can add social media buttons in a strategic manner.

  • The buttons must be placed in areas that remain intuitive on-site, like the top or bottom of the main blog post page or sidebar of the site.
  • You can CTAs within the design of the site creatively.
  • Some of the well-designed buttons for social media can add a seamless transition between sharing and call-to-action buttons.

These will make the buttons more intuitive and natural for the reader to click on them and navigate the site at the same time.

3.Post some of the user-generated contents:

Posting user-generated content is also a good idea and shows to users that their engagement and input are appreciated and valued at the same time. The feeling of appreciation and value, will then incentivize users engage more than before.

There are various ways in which you can display user-generated content.

  • One easy way is to write down articles, which will address top-rated comments on the pre-existing posts.
  • You can start the articles by quoting what the users stated directly. It will offer the user added incentives to make up top comments on site while helping you centre articles on issues associated with the audience.
  • In case the site sells products to consumers directly, make sure to encourage customers to post their images using the items. It is an effectie way to drive user interaction.
  • If you want, you can also create Instagram campaigns and not just re-post customer-based IG posts on the company’s account but feature the images on the website directly.
  • This will help the users to scroll through the IG feed and navigate to the site. You can ask the users to post images on their own.


4.Encourage some reader feedback too:

Whenever it comes to encouraging comments from the audience, it is not quite enough to put comment sections only. In its place, you can use a creative CTA for driving users to make some comments. It can range anywhere from telling readers to respond to a question you asked or give their own tips.

Following these simple steps and tricks will actually improve user interaction with your website.

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