How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency? The choice of your digital marketing agency greatly impacts the success of your business’s growth. The right marketing strategy will make all the difference in increasing your customers and revenue. We understand it can be overwhelming to select a digital marketing company amongst the vast number of options […]

Why Good Web Design is Essential for Increasing Your Profit Margins

Why Your Website Design Affects Profit Margins | Quebec Agency

Why Good Web Design is Essential for Increasing Your Profit Margins In today’s digital age, having a website is essential for any business to succeed. But having a website is not enough. To fully maximize your profits, you need to have excellent web design. Why? Great web design communicates many important things to your customers. […]

Website Design vs Website Development: What is the Distinction?

Website Design vs Website Development: What is the Distinction? MD: When you want to create an effective website, you need to understand the difference between web designing and development. To understand the difference, keep reading this post.  There is no disputing that the internet has made life easier in the ever-changing world of technology. It […]

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce website?

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce website?

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce website? In today’s cybernetic age, having an eCommerce website is essential for any business looking to participate in the online marketplace. However, one of the biggest questions that arise when considering an eCommerce website is the cost involved in its development. You have to tactically pick […]

Benefits of hiring a web design agency in New York

Benefits of hiring a web design agency in New York

Benefits of hiring a web design agency in New York If you’re a business owner in New York looking to establish a strong online presence, you might be wondering whether to hire a web design agency or to try and create a website yourself. While the latter might seem like a more cost-effective option, it’s […]

8 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Website Design

8 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Website Design Top website design companies across the globe put a significant emphasis on the importance of improving website design to receive the desired ROI from your business website. Given that websites are increasingly becoming the first port of call for your target audience, how well your […]

How to Evaluate and Choose a Web Design Agency

Generally, a web design company knows how to make an aesthetically pleasing website, but not every agency has the skills and experience to look at the bigger picture. Your website needs a coherent plan to cover all angles. It needs to maintain its relevance with meaningful content while generating constant revenue and staying competitive.

How to Evaluate and Choose a Web Design Agency Your website is the first interaction with potential customers. It isn’t merely about aesthetics and pleasing graphics. It is more about how prospects feel when they arrive at your virtual doorstep. The global acceptance of e-commerce has made it essential for brands to focus on their […]

Tech Skills That Can Help you Build a Website for Your Business

A woman looking out of the window and working on a code on a laptop

Tech Skills That Can Help you Build a Website for Your Business Getting a new small company or business off the ground can be challenging and many entrepreneurs struggle to decide where and how to spend their resources. One of the most common tools small businesses rely on is a well-functioning website. If you are […]

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand, Branding, Content marketing, Content Creation

Build Your Brand Through Content Creation Your company’s brand is the way it is perceived by customers, clients, and the general public. It is how they see you, what they think of you, and what they expect from you. Therefore, your brand should be strong and consistent across all channels- from your website to your […]

Top Tools for Designing Effective Custom Websites

Logo, Logo Design Agency, Web Design Agency, CMS, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, E-commerce website

Top Tools for Designing Effective Custom Websites An effective custom website simplifies the process of acquiring new customers. The reason being websites can reach many potential consumers around the globe at once. Since web designing is a professional field, you need to reach out to a reputable webdesign agency to get the best results. The […]

5 Key Features of an Effective Website Design

One of the best ways to ensure that your business is thriving is to build an effective website design.

5 Key Features of an Effective Website Design  When you want to align your marketing objectives and business goals with your branding, you need to understand the key features of your website design. This is an important aspect when seeking a web designer. The success of your online business is highly influenced by various factors […]

Top 6 Factors to Consider when Designing a Business Website

Top 6 Factors to Consider when Designing a Business Website When creating a website, you have to impress your users. Therefore, seeking a reputable web design agency is essential. There are so many factors that are important if you are creating your first website or you already have one. Building a user-friendly website can be […]

7 Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Agency

7 Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Agency , Web Design Agency, web design firm, web design company NYC, branding agency new york, crowdfunding agency, digital marketing agency, web designer NYC, online marketing agency, types of logo, branding agency

7 Benefits of Hiring a Web Design Agency For your business to be successful and well known, it needs a reliable website design. You can’t design an effective website without the help of a qualified web design agency. A web design agency is made up of a team of professional website design experts. Seeking services […]

Aspects to look for in a Web Design Agency New York

branding agency New York, web design New York, Web Design Cost, web agency New York, web designer NYC, web design company NYC,web design agency New York , web design agency, web design company,

Aspects to look for in a Web Design Agency in New York Technological advances have made it easier for people to access information. Nowadays, people go to the internet to look for products and services on websites that provide them. This has led many small businesses and companies to create websites to increase their online […]

10 Facts about Fashion Brand Logos You Must Know

fashion brand logos, fashion brands, fashion logo, company logo, luxury logo, luxury fashion, wordmarks

10 Facts about Fashion Brand Logos You Must Know If you think about it, fashions brands have some of the most interesting logo designs in the world. Take Gucci, Giorgio Armani or Chanel for instance. These are some of the most recognized names in the industry and their logo designs instantly stand out anywhere. Like […]

10 Elegant Fonts to create a Luxury brand

Font Collection, Fonts, Typography, Luxury Fonts

10 Elegant Fonts to create a Luxury brand We’ve curated some of the best fonts for Luxury projects that demand a high level of class. Whether you need fonts for a luxury hotel, product packaging or a high-end service you’ll find some truly outstanding choices here. The choice of a luxury font is crucial to the success […]

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Career in Web Design

A web designer working on the structure of a website

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Career in Web Design Web design is one of the most in-demand careers in the current job market. All companies need an expert in developing aesthetic, functional, and easy-to-navigate websites. If you want to study this profession or boost your previously acquired technical skills in the web space, […]

Top 7 security tips to protect your website from hackers

cybersecurity, how to protect a website, secure a website, website security check, website security scan, scan a website

Top 7 security tips to protect your website from hackers When it comes to marketing your products and services, having an online presence is crucial for your business. Websites are one of the primary methods that help organizations establish a strong online presence. Having a fully functioning website has many advantages for a business. However, […]

Does a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Equate Success in Retail?

Does a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Equate Success in Retail,

Does a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Equate Success in Retail? What does it take to make it big on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? And more importantly, does it really matter if you don’t cross your target threshold? It’s hard not to feel some level of retail envy when you see other crowdfunding campaigns raking in millions of […]

Anticipating Changes to the Web Design Industry in 2022

Blockchain Technology, Progressive Web Apps, Internet of Things, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Voice Search Optimisation

The Top Five Tech Trends that Will Optimize Web Design Web development and web design are part of the IT skills that project exponential growth in the job market by 2022. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this career will have a job outlook of 13 percent between 2020 and 2030. More than […]

The Top Marketing Strategies to Target Your B2B Audience

top marketing strategies, marketing for b2b, marketing for success, good ROI, marketing campaign, digital marketing

In this post-pandemic marketplace, the digital world is more crowded than ever before. So for companies developing a B2B marketing plan, it is more important then ever to hone and sharpen the reach of your digital marketing campaigns.   In order to reach your specific B2B audience directly, you will need to craft a marketing approach that appeals to the […]

The Manifest Crowns Qubed as Romania’s Best Recommended Branding Agency

the manifest, best branding agency

Beautiful and immersive digital experiences — at qubed, that’s what we’re known for. Since our inception, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping our clients own their branding, UX design, and advertising efforts. The success of our clients excites us, but we don’t hesitate to cheer for our own milestones. With that being said, we are absolutely thrilled […]

6 Ways to Use Referral Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Campaign

Crowdfunding, kickbooster, projects, campaigns, kickstarter, indiegogo, boost sales, crowdfunding design, boost sales

Referral marketing (also known as affiliate or influencer marketing) is a sales and marketing strategy where a creator encourages their backers, media partners and brand advocates to refer their network to their crowdfunding campaign in exchange for a reward when that referral leads to a pledge.  It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to promote […]


Crowdfunding refers to funding a project or a business venture by a large number of people each contributing small amounts of money normally done online, It’s a form of crowd sourcing and another finance option. In 2015, over $34 billion was raised by crowdfunding worldwide. People who participate in crowdfunding contribute money to projects and […]


Some years back, hospitals used to be big buildings full of patients. Doctors used to visit patients in the morning and in the evening while nurses used to keep around 24/7 and the medicine used was reactive. Specialists used to work in many hospitals and they only showed up whenever there was a surgery, and […]


Construction companies face a lot of challenges because of the stiff competition in the industry, and therefore they have to work extra hard to outshine their competitors. Building your brand means you’re promising something new for your customers. To outstand the crowd, you have to do more than just constructing good buildings, and that is […]

5 Ways on How to Strengthen Your Brand

Strengthen Your Brand tips

Branding is a critical aspect for any business, especially if it’s operating online. A good web design agency helps to combine various aspects of a business under one roof so that the logo of that company is associated with a certain experience and quality by customers or clients. Through a distinctive brand, you can turn […]

How to Make Your Website Interactive for Users

Whether you are associated with a retail company or digital advertising platform, being aware of the skills that drive readers to your site is one major marketing skill vital for a business’ success. Even though all websites are different and unique in their own ways, it becomes really difficult to pinpoint features, which can either […]

50 Best Brand Identity Guides for Inspiration

50 best brand identity guides for inspiration

The number one priority that a branding agency should focus on when it comes to building a brand is consistency. Just like you are in a grocery store, you don’t want to struggle to find your favorite coffee brand; you should be able to spot it from a mile away. What makes best brands unforgettable […]

Factors to Consider When Designing a Book Cover

Have you just finished writing your book and you are looking for book cover ideas. There are various ways to make your book cover attractive to your readers. Here are a few factors to consider when seeking services from a design agency to design your book cover. If you are reading this, it’s either you […]

Top 7 Famous Graphic Designers

Top famous graphic designers

Graphic design is an art that everyone appreciates because it applies to our daily lives. Design trends change as designers try to find inspiration from other professional designers who have been in the game for long. To celebrate the rich and diverse graphic designs that have always wowed us, we have compiled a list of […]

12 Inspiring Graphic Design Quotes

The graphic design sector has seen significant growth since immemorial, with great designers redefining what design is in their own perspectives. The beauty of good graphic designing is that no one is always wrong; we are all learners. So, when searching for inspiration as a design agency, who do you look up to or where […]

How AI and ML are changing the face of the QA industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have made deeper inroads in several business verticals. As the technology is becoming mature, it is now also used for more business-critical scenarios where it can enhance efficiency, reduce human errors, decrease costs, and predict information and cases to benefit businesses in the future. As a result, QA […]

10 Reasons to simplify your logo

simplify logo, logo simplification, how to simplify a logo, logo evolution

“Less Is More” is particularly applicable when it comes to logo design choices. It took Apple approximately 22 years to develop the simple, iconic logo you know and like today. Now tech companies from Google to Netflix are racing to create flat, sleek logos that are still instantly recognizable. Here are some basic pointers to explore simplifying an […]

5 Graphic Design Trends to Follow for 2021

Visualising your data or content is an important part of any strategy. Brands turn to graphic designers for presenting their brand in an effective and appealing manner. However, with a lot of changes constantly taking place in the digital world, designing trends have also changed over the years and are constantly evolving with the audience’s […]

UI design trends in 2020

The quick growth of technology influences design trends year by year. As designers, company leaders or social media users we need be aware of the existing and upcoming design trends, constantly learning, developing and expanding our design toolkit in order to be up to date on the current market. Let’s have a look some of […]

How to Make a Visual Post for Social Media Using Powerpoint

In a world of about seven and a half billion people, almost three billion of us are active on social media. Those numbers alone make it clear why social media demands a never-ending stream of content. But it’s more than that. The type of content influences the engagement of the audience. In the world of […]

Which font is the new black?

Typography trends in 2020 In the universe of web design we have been experiencing a very long procedure of incorporating font type effects in sites, which previously was technically impossible, or at least could only be supported by a few browsers. Fortunately this situation has changed in the last couple years and we are now […]

Key Internet Statistics to Know in 2020 (Including Mobile)

Each year the internet grows and 2020 will be no different. From social media to video consumption, search terms, and ecommerce, you can do just about anything online. With this post, we’ve compiled the most relevant 2020 internet statistics to serve as a reference for information, projects, blog posts, and more, about all of those […]

How WordPress Changed The Internet – 17 Facts About WordPress

On the outside, each website we visit on the internet looks different. Sure, they all share some similarities, but each one is unique. However, underneath it all, most of the websites we use on a daily basis have one thing in common: WordPress. If you’re not a blogger or web developer, it’s quite possible you’ve […]

Qubed Recognized as Top Advertising and Marketing Firm in Romania by Clutch!

We believe in working closely with our clients and operating with a “user-first” ideology. We provide support in branding, logo design, web design, graphic design, and crowdfunding. Focusing on usage-based decisions rather than purchase-based decisions. We focus on showcasing how people would use your product and customer-to-customer interactions rather than how much people should impulse […]

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Themes for 2019

If your website design speed is optimized, you make it easy for your visitors to interact with you and get information seamlessly. Many factors affect your website speed including the WordPress theme. Although there are many WordPress themes, very few are optimized for speed. This article shares 10 of the fastest WordPress themes for 2019 […]

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Design Agency

I have studied the internet for sometimes and realized the market is very competitive. Many website hardly succeed due to poor web development strategies. To succeed, you need a partner that understands your business goals, target audience and, equipped with the relevant resource to accomplish your vision. In simple terms, an agency that delivers. Since […]

Web Design and Credibility: How Can You Build Trust in Your Website?

In an online world where credibility is an invaluable factor, web owners should do their best to incorporate these it into their site designs. Without it, it is difficult to operate in an online environment all types of crooks and quacks have infiltrated. Therefore, it is necessary for website owners to integrate trust into their […]

Website Updating: What Should You Consider?

It is not enough to design and launch a website, no. It is also beneficial to upgrade it when necessary to allow your users to have a better experience. But what should you consider when updating your site? Should you just focus on how nice and techy it should look? What exactly influences a successful […]

Key Web Design Attributes Your Website Must Have in 2019

Are you considering building a website, but don’t quite know what to which details need your attention? You’re certainly not the first! There are so many things that we need to worry about that slip all of our minds occasionally. For that reason, it’s useful to think about the attributes and aspects that we really […]

Professionals or DIY

Professionals or DIY: What Fits Your Custom Web Design Best? Many users are opting for self-made options to design customized websites due to the numerous DIY web design tools available on the market. However, not every level or type of website you need can fit into the DIY bracket. I am not saying that you […]

7 Things You Need To Consider Before Your Website Redesign

It’s human nature to seek a change when things are not going according to plan or when they are not performing well. This type of thinking is in our DNA, and it’s normal human behavior. However, when this behavior is interpreted in website redesign, it can be risky if there is no plan in place. […]

7 Worst Rebrands: Logos Gone Wrong

Check out the 7 worst rebrands of all time. Looking to improve your business logo and identity design? Don’t make those mistakes! 7 Rebranding Disasters Pepsi CapitalOne Gap Xerox PizzaHut Yahoo JCPenny History has seen many famous companies rebrand themselves and fail. Some fail miserably. This usually happens because the rebranding process was not done […]

5 Different Types of Logo Designs

types of logo, logo designs, abstract mark, wordmark, pictorial mark, emblem, letterform, custom logo designs, logo design types,

There are many different types of logos – a logo might be just a name set in a chosen typeface or a mark or both. What are the different types of logos? A logo can take form of almost infinite variety of shapes and personalities – from literal through symbolic, from word-driven to image-driven. They’re […]

10 Worst Branding Mistakes To Avoid

I see it time and time again – many startups make branding mistakes in early stage and sabotage their growth. Even established companies with bigger budget have made disastrous rebranding failures that cost them a lot. Many entrepreneurs don’t quite realize the real potential of having a good branding and therefore make a lot of […]

Common Blunders to Avoid in Your Logo Design

Whether designing your logo for inline or offline customers, remember that this little portrait is a significant player in the enhancement of your corporate image. By creating a good logo, you create a distinctive identity for your business in the eyes of all its stakeholders. Ideally, a great logo design should be unique and original […]

Images in Your Blog Posts: Best Practices

The main purpose of using images in your blog is to increase its appeal and boost the number of times it is viewed. Research on the Skyword content marketing platform suggests an average increase in blog views of 94% when a post includes images. Furthermore, the research also indicates that some types of content, such […]

40+ Amazing Free Stock Photo Sites

40+ websites to find awesome free stock photos There are a ton of resources here for free stock photos, but I probably only use about a dozen of them. They serve my needs just fine. But I’ll let you decide which one of these free stock photo sites is best for you. Pikwizard […]

Compelling Reasons to Use Crowdfunding When Launching Your Products

Crowdfunding is a proven model that works for all levels of companies seeking to launch their products. Whether you are a startup or an established company, you can take advantage of this model to strike gold in your next launch. If you want to learn more about the potential of this model, then I welcome […]

Here are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Graphic Designer or Creative Agency

Many of us don’t realize and appreciate the value of having a professional do design their website’s graphics. We assume that just because you have good information to put on the web alongside a coding professional, then design is secondary. However, the truth can only be the opposite. The reason is that we are all […]

Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Using a Free Website Builder

With many website creation tools doing rounds on the Internet, the temptation to skip a professional website builder becomes stronger. Some users assume that these builders are the best tools since they are free and easy to use. However, most of these users never sit back to analyze the long-term effects of using them. If […]

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