8 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Website Design

Top website design companies across the globe put a significant emphasis on the importance of improving website design to receive the desired ROI from your business website. Given that websites are increasingly becoming the first port of call for your target audience, how well your website performs has a direct impact on how your sales and conversions work out.

Any exercise involving website redesign services can instantly improve the overall look and performance of your website, making it far more effective than what it is currently.

Here are 8 ways by which you can increase the effectiveness of your web design:

1 – Keep the navigation bar simple and organized

The navigation bar is what helps your users to find their way around your website. Needless to say, it should be easy to use and the least complicated aspect of your website. After all, the navigation bar provides a map of the key pages every visitor needs to check out. Unnecessarily complicating the website navigation or overcrowding can completely overwhelm your visitors.

One of the best ways to keep the navigation bar easy to use and improve the effectiveness of your website design is by including only specific umbrella categories of pages. For example, if you are a house painting company, you can include different taps such as painting services, gallery, about us, customized quotations, and contact as part of your navigation bar.

Don’t attempt to include more information, as it can be confusing for the audience and make it difficult for them to comprehend what your website has to offer.

2 – Use design elements that work for your SEO

The SEO process is not divorced from the effectiveness of your website. How effective your website is has a direct bearing on how many times it shows up on search engine results. A search engine like Google has various tools at its disposal to measure the effectiveness of a website’s design — those sites that fulfill the checklist of design elements that make it more effective are rewarded through a better rank on SERP.

It is advisable for businesses to get on board a web design professional who understands the intricacies of design elements and SEO. An effectively designed website can be the best way to attract more visibility, enjoy better conversion rates, and grab more business, all of which can ultimately impact your SEO strategy.

To boost your SEO ranking, also make sure to publish relevant content using appropriate keywords and metadata. Focus on optimizing the web design for local search results.

3 – Consider animating some aspects of your website

How the users navigate through your website is a crucial part of your website design. Often, visitors search for something that is aesthetically pleasing and makes navigation an enjoyable experience.

A sure-shot way of making this happen is by adopting animated navigation technology on your website. It helps the visitors navigate your website and get an intimate experience. For example, swiping from one page to another or fading into the transitions of a slideshow can heighten the visual experiences offered by your website and strengthen your brand image.

4 – Use more white space

If there is a single element that has a tremendous impact on your web design, it is how cleverly you use white space. Many business owners mistakenly believe that it is their duty to cram every inch of their website with information to shine the spotlight on what they have to offer. This couldn’t be further from the truth — an overcrowded website mars the user experience, leading to poor traffic and lower CTR. In fact, you may also find visitors hitting the exit button and navigating away from your page on account of experiencing an information overload.

Intelligently using white space throughout your website allows various elements to breathe and showcase their individuality. Since white space increases the readability of your website, it makes it easier for the audience too. It also helps the audience to comprehend each element of it and understand its importance.

Take inspiration from Dropbox, where the content on the website describing the key features of the tool is batched together in blocks. There is sufficient space between each block, making the information easy for the eyes.

5 – Make the site design mobile friendly

With more than 74 percent of users accessing any website through their mobile devices instead of the desktop is a compelling reason why your website needs to be mobile-friendly. Optimizing your website for a mobile device means that there is no compromise on the user experience, no matter what device the audience uses for browsing.

This can help your business become more trustworthy and dependable, boosting your sales and traffic. The best way to ensure the mobile-friendliness of your website is by choosing a mobile-responsive theme. Such responsive themes ensure that your website simply adjusts to the screen size on which they are being viewed.

Pay attention to the mobile optimization of your website to increase discoverability. If your business is spread across multiple locations, optimize the website by including location-specific pages and local backlinks.

It also makes sense to compress the images on your website and avoid using flash for animation, which is not usually supported by mobile websites. Lastly, choosing a readable font, especially one that can be easily read on a smaller screen size, can go a long way in ensuring that your website fares well on mobile devices.

6 – Use graphics without going overboard

While graphics are an important aspect of your website, using them excessively can wreck the effectiveness of your website. Use them cleverly to break the monotony of large chunks of text. This can be a welcome relief for the viewers. However, ensure that graphics are not used in a manner that overwhelms the audience.

To put it differently, if your website has anywhere between 600 to 1000 words of content, one graphic element is sufficient. When you have more than 2000 words on a single page, you can use 3 to 5 types of graphics. Always decide on the number of graphics based on the word count of the content. The goal should be to strike the right balance.

7 – Get rid of unnecessary content

More content is not always better for your website. An easy way to improve the effectiveness of your website design is by getting rid of unnecessary content. Complicated and large chunks of text, too many animations, or a large number of stock images reduce the page loading speed, which is an important factor that affects the effectiveness of any web design.

Start with a thorough website audit and get rid of the frills. Retain only such content that adds value to the website and helps you to convey the message to your audience. The leaner your website, the better the website design, resulting in more traffic.

8 – Experiment with color theory

Colors play an extremely critical role when you think of your website design. Choosing the right colors can go a long way in strengthening your image as a serious business.

In other words, what color does your choice matter? For example, using red as the primary color on your website makes it hard to miss. It is also considered a motivational color that can be used to nudge the visitors to pay attention to the call to action. Since red is also associated with love, it is a great choice for businesses specializing in fashion, design, or travel.

Can a professional website design agency help to make your website more effective?

Yes, getting a professional web design agency can help you to boost the effectiveness of your website with minimal downtime and maximum results.

Additionally, for local businesses, hiring a website design agency that is far away from your local market can provide unsatisfactory results. Such an agency restricts its work to improving general aspects of web design while ignoring the specific requirements. This happens because of not having a pulse on the local market in general.

So if you own a local business, say in Los Angeles, hire a web design agency in Los Angeles to ensure that you have a web design strategy aligned with the needs of your local audience and the goals of your business.

Only when the needs are addressed properly, you can expect the web design to be effective.


Since humans are visual creatures, you need to ensure that you are presenting information in a way that can easily grab their attention. One of the easiest ways to do that is by improving your website design. Consider the tips shared above to improve your website design and boost your brand value in 2023.

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