7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Design Agency

I have studied the internet for sometimes and realized the market is very competitive. Many website hardly succeed due to poor web development strategies. To succeed, you need a partner that understands your business goals, target audience and, equipped with the relevant resource to accomplish your vision. In simple terms, an agency that delivers.

Since your website represents your company, it needs to have all the attributes it posses. The landing page should give the website visitor the best experience as a teaser of future expectations. As a result, you will convince and convert them into loyal clients. The first impression will either build or kill your business. This article gives you tips to choosing the best web design agency that will convert your visitors into users.

Does the agency have an office and where are they located?

There are plenty of scams in the internet who always prey on ignorant business owners. They claim to offer the best web design services at the lowest price possible in the shortest time possible. You follow them up and realize that they don’t even have a physical office. This raises a red flag. A Reputable Web Design agency should have an office and they must state where you can find them. Many of these agencies are start-ups and only have “virtual” offices. If the agency sounds fishy, suggest a meeting with them at their offices or Google their offices to see if they have photos and images of their place. If you are around New York, and looking for a reputable web design agency, Stamford Ct is where we are and Qubed is the company.

What is their speciality?

“A jack of all trades and a master of none” is a statement that describes a person who claims to know everything but has not mastered anything. Unreliable web designing agencies will have a long list of services offered. This doesn’t represent a reputable company. Unless they outsource some of the services offered and can mention this before you start, you are probably looking at fraudulent agency with the least knowledge about web designing. A reputable company are transparent enough to let you know what they specialize in.

Are they reliable?

Besides having an office, another way of establishing their credibility is check their certifications, awards (if they have any), and testimonials satisfied customers. This determines their experience in the web designing field before you go ahead to seek for their services. Is there any corporate responsibilities? Are there any milestones achieved? How do they motivate their team? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before engaging with them. They should have their own ideas and not accept all recommendations from the client. They are the experts and should guide the client on what path to follow.

Check samples of their earlier work

Three things you need to check for in a quality web design: user-friendly designs, impressive portfolio, and their signature design that has people talking. Although stunning web designs are crucial, users should come first, therefore their designs must be user-centred. Professional web designing companies are aware of the ever-changing world of web design. Therefore, they are always looking for new and exciting ideas to use in their web design. Stamford Ct, which is the third largest city in Connecticut State, is home of creative and web design.

Do they offer Responsive Web Designs?

The online world is quite competitive today and to thrive you need to make your responsive to all kinds of mobile. This strategy allows you to rank better in search engines. Reason being Google started using Mobile-first websites to rank websites. Majority of Internet users prefer mobile devices to get access to information and failing to tap into this network denies them an opportunity to get access to what you are offering. You may also be penalized by Google if you don’t use responsive websites.

How long have they been in the web design industry?

Experience is plus for any website. This shows that they have perfected their craft and will offer excellent services. Whether you just want to improve your design or want to develop your website from scratch, it must have all the knowledge needed to do all these tasks. Look for a company that has worked with several companies in the past. Checkout customer reviews and ratings to see if they got satisfied with the design agency. Being in the web design industry for a long time also means that they know what different clients expect. From financial services, educational institutions, entertainment companies, to government agencies, Qubed agency has worked with them all.

What about SEO/SEM?

SEO is the bloodline of any online business. Any company that wants to stay relevant must optimize their website go search engines. The web agency should not just talk about SEO, but also implement it in their designs. Both organic and paid results are essential elements of website visibility. The agency should apply SEO strategies on their site first before offering to use them in yours.


In a nut shell, web design is your website’s selling point. They say that first impressions matters and this applies to your website. If your website is not appealing, they’ll just move to the next one and it’s that easy to lose them. Before investing in web designing, conduct a thorough research to prove their authenticity. If there are credibility issues, stay away and look for a better one. There is no point poring money on a company that won’t deliver.

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