Construction companies face a lot of challenges because of the stiff competition in the industry, and therefore they have to work extra hard to outshine their competitors. Building your brand means you’re promising something new for your customers. To outstand the crowd, you have to do more than just constructing good buildings, and that is branding. Strengthening your brand means building your construction company’s personality which in turn will attract more customers.
A good brand creates an emotional connection with your customers which highly influences their buying decision. When you maintain consistency in your branding, you add value to your construction company and also increase customer’s trust.
In this article we are going to discuss 5 great methods you can use to effectively brand your construction company.

1.Make a Budget

When budgeting for your branding costs don’t forget that you get what you pay for. To get a quality design, you need to hire a professional web designer. It is advised to spend 1%-10% of your total revenue on marketing. Branding should therefore be part of that budget. However, they’re other ways you can use to budget for your company’s brand.

You can create a budget to solely meet branding needs over the year. This method however needs a lot of financial discipline because in case of emergency you might be tempted to use those funds you’ve set aside for branding. You can also do research on how much your competitors are spending on branding and match your budget.

Whichever method you choose. The success rate of your branding campaign will be highly affected by your company’s finances and what you decide to spend on branding. A budget gives you a better guideline as to what you’re willing and able to spend and what you aren’t.

2.Identify what you should be known for

You should be known for professionalism, reliability, honesty, trustworthy, good management, high quality and value. Low price is not in the list because no one wants to be known for being a low-price provider because it can actually lead to low margins. When branding you should remember that you want a reputation for the good reasons we have listed above. When branding, you should consider a brand that that upholds your construction company’s values without thinking that you offer cheap products and services. I suggest that you think of a brand as a person. You create character, personality and face for your construction company through branding. Your personality as a business person should be displayed in your brand.

Continued good experience is the key to getting repeat clients and positive reviews online. Define and note down your business’ personality and then document how you want your company to act in different scenarios like when a new customer is referred by an old customer. When you properly document expectations your brand will stay constant and predictable. After defining the personality of your brand, you next move to the visual aspect of branding.

3.Choose a Relevant Logo

Your logo is supposed to clearly represent your business. A customer is supposed to be able to tell that you’re in construction business once they look at your logo. Your area of expertise should be clearly mentioned in your slogan and in your logo. You should also go for colors that you like. It should portray you as a leader in the market and convince your customers to contact you immediately.

It’s important to maintain a good reputation in the construction industry, this starts with a clear logo followed by coherent budget and marketing strategy. When branding it’s good to involve your employees in the whole branding process.

4.Hit the Internet

After you’ve have figured out your brand, you should now build your website around your logo. Pick the same and complementary colors to accentuate your brand further. To gain traffic in your site, open social media accounts and start blogging about construction to improve your company’s SEO. Invest in a good website because it gives you the opportunity to make a positive impression to a potential customer.

You should also remember to ask your happy clients to review you on yelp. Customers are more comfortable working with a construction company that has a good reputation compared to the one with bad history or with none at all.

5.Choose your experts

It’s a good idea to have a branding expert help you with your branding needs. Once you’re done establishing your logo and your website, you should next think of marketing your best workers in the team. Customers are confident when they know that they are working with experts they can trust to deliver high quality work and they will be willing to foot all the costs.

Being an expert in your industry is better than being a generalist. You should therefore market the best talents in your team by sending them to trade shows, adding them on flyers and creating their own social media accounts purposely for your construction business. This will also make them feel motivated to work harder because they will see that you appreciate their work.


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